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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2009 13:51:27 -1000 From: Subject: Punked MasterAUTHOR'S NOTE:This is intended to be gay male erotica involving BDSM. Only read if loli nude 8 years you are lolita model pics info of age, allowed by law to do so, and personally interested in the topic. Do not duplicate this original work, unless authorized by the author.There is a lot of setup provided in this story provided in the hopes of eventual sequels dealing with the aftermath of the punk's takedown of the Master, where this story culminates. Comments, feedback, suggestions and encouragement are appreciated at: (include "Punked Master" in the lolas xxx nymphets tiny subject line, please)CONTENTS: Author's Note Contents Summary Cast Encounter Stable In Store The Takedown SUMMARY:Tall powerful Master, with stable of three slaves goes into an adult free lolita pic gallerys toy store to make some purchases. Short skater punk on the streets watches and follows them in. Master tries to show off to the punk (hoping to seduce him into his stable of slaves), demonstrating various implements, binding his slaves. Master tries to put nipple clamps on the punk, but the punk challenges the Master, until the Master, fearing to be humiliated in front of his bound slaves, 14 yr lolita bbs clamps himself instead... going weak... THE CAST: Punk, 20, 5'2", 110 lbs. Master, 37, 6'4", 195 Slave1, teddybear, 34, 5'7", 200 (known 2 years+, live in 1 year + Slave2, divorced, 28, 6'2", 185 (known 7 months, live in 5 months) Slave3, newbie, 23, 5' 9", 145 (chat intensely 3 months, first met 2 weeks ago, lolita top lolita kiss ) Punk's gang: Beefy, 18, 5'8", 175 Punk's gang: Studly, 18, 6'1", 185 Punk's gang: Gangly, 18, 6'5", 165 THE ENCOUNTER:I saw the shirtless punk on the sidewalk, as I was lolitas boy pay sites 3d lolita drawings incest leading my growing stable of slaves into the adult toy store. His green free underground lolita links eyes seemed to pierce thru me in a glance. For such a little guy, he carried a lot 5 yo lolita bbs of attitude. At about 5 foot 2 inches tall and 110 pounds, the shaggy blond boi held court with three of his skateboarding street buddies. tiny lolitas in pantyhose little lolita nudist pics Though, at a lolita bbs erotic stories beefy 5'8", a studly 6'1", and a gangly 6'5", they were all much more physically powerful than him, the punk was clearly in command of himself, his skateboard, his buds, and all c p lolita his little world. A first glance suggested the rugged looks of an angelic choir boy growing into a bad boy teen. A more studied observation suggested the punk lolita innocent secret girls was probably 20, streetwise and life-hardened. His gang of thugs more like 18, having finished with school this past spring, they appeared free and aimless.On youngest lollita pussys pics a mission to get my newest recruit, slave3, properly outfitted, I was a bit preoccupied with my own little world. I had parked my van behind the store and led my three slaves ls lolita nude art down the alley lolita nude art legal to the front sidewalk. Though the skaters were seasoned by the sex shop scene, as I walked into view with slave3 on a leash and slaves 1 and 2 obediently following behind, the punk's gang began looking free lolitas pics galleries at us, and so the punk followed their gaze. His thugs looked a bit surprised by the site, but shy lolita cp pics the punk simply got a quite grin.We paraded by and into the store. The counter boy was familiar with my business and my lolita little girl porn penchant for humiliating my slaves as I tried out various implements on them. My visits generally meant some serious dark lolita free galleries sales for his boss and a hearty tip for him.THE STABLE:I had first brought slave1 here more than a year ago, shortly before he moved in, fulltime, to my woodland property. all lolita love gallery Contrary to my usual taste, slave1 is the essence of teddy bear cub. A furry 34 year lo pics lolitas bbs old, at 5'7", he is a very chubby 200 pounds. For such a subdued man, his intensity is amazing. He is lolita girls absolutely naked completely submissive, extremely masochistic, and pure of heart. He possesses a subtle and often astonishing sense of humor and a gift for insight. He appears to have been born into the slave leathers and hardware he's wearing today, most of which I had previously purchased at this very store.I had met slave2 at the XY bar in the city, about lolita nude preteen 13yrs a year and a half after I'd first met slave1 there. I had played with slave1 for more than a year before moving him in, but a month after I had started using slave2, the pressure from his ex-wife to "move the Fu** out!" was getting intense. They'd been divorced almost a lolita portal sites model year, their 3 year marriage giving way to slave2's tormented, but true, nature and desires. When I young ukraine amazing lolita took him in, it seemed fitting for all concerned that I keep him in the old kennel out back. nude lolita 100 toplist Slave2's pent up angst had expressed itself well at the gym for years, and so, at lolita loli model paysites 28, his preteen nn lolitas models 6'2" frame carried 185 lbs. of lean muscle in show-dog form.It was slave3 that I was here to properly attire in his transformation from lithe boi to slave. I had been chatting with him online, extensively, for more than 3 months. His need is deep and dark and to the core of his being, but he is also strung up with societal expectations and self conscious fears. I am uncertain if he is actually ready for enslavement at 23, though all indications are that this is his destiny. I had decided it best to nude pics little lolitas try to hook him and reel him in now. Either he will be molded into a proper slave or he will flail and jump free. In either case, the encounter with true slavery lesbian sex lolita video will help him progress and spare him decades of ever-nibbling but never embracing his true nature.It was two weeks ago that I first met with slave3 in person. amature mexican lolita girls Within 5 minutes I lead him into a toilet stall. I turned his 5'9, 155 lb. frame around, pressed my arm to his neck, pushing him against the stall door, and instructed him to expose his cock. Trembling with desire and forum board lolicon 3d fear, he fumbled with his belt and opened his jeans, revealing that he had, as directed, worn nothing underneath. I placed a simple mask over his eyes and sat on the seat as I began to manipulate his cock sweet lolita angel pics and balls. As I had hoped, the fear I instilled kept his cock shriveled and I impressed myself with how quickly I had his cock encased in chastity as I clicked the small padlock shut, securing his 9 yo loli pics fate. He continued to shake uncontrollably and was beginning to sweat. I stood. Sliding my hand under his shirt, I gripped his nipple and pulled him into ls island preteen lolita my embrace. As I whispered young lolita having sex into his ear, young lolita nude videos my breath sent a shiver down his spine. I assured him how safe he was to be, in my care. Our online training was having its' desired effects on my newly chastened slave. I held his trembling body, speaking softly in his ear, until his body completely relaxed and surrendered to my firm hold. We lola bunny toon porn met 8 more times over the prior two weeks. Despite a couple of inspections of the preteen bbs loli dorki slave's cock and balls, to ensure proper hygiene and safety, his cock remained locked out of his reach for the duration. He did not realize, as I did, the profound effect this would have on lolita bbs gentle angels his overwhelming need to serve and comply lolita sex com nl with my every wish. He was helpless and desperate and eager. He pleaded with me to accept him on a 24/7 basis. I restrained my grin as I took full possession of him. With slaves 1 and 2 in the van, I had picked up slave3 and his things, and headed to the store to dress him properly for his new life as my 3rd slave.IN STORE: In the store, I had slave1 attending to various fittings of slave3 for nipple clamps, cock rings, butt plugs, slave collars and harnesses an extensive set of "the basics." I was having slave2 trying on a new harness while I examined probes for milking the chaste slave3. I had not decided when slave3 might next have an orgasm, but the idea of keeping him milked and orgasm-denied for his first year caused my own cock to leak precum.I noticed that two of the punk's crew (Beefy and Gangly, quite the odd couple) had come into the store, seemingly to study us, while Beefy made some purchase, before they walked out. A few minutes later, the punk walked in and observed us with that quiet grin on his exquisite face. I made eye contact, and again his lolitas toplist cp links eyes pierced me. I was entranced by his sleek beauty. Our breaths seemed to eternal beauty lolita russia synchronize as I preteens lolita model nude drank in his tantalizing torso rising and relaxing.He approached with a cat-like grace and little naked lolitas sites curiosity. When he asked me what we were doing in "his" neighborhood, lolita pre teen 3d I nude lolita girl preteen found his territoriality charming. I explained the situation and proudly began to show off my slaves. I could see top 100 lolita moldels he was intrigued free lesbian lolita stories and I imagined I might capture this untamed cat in my web as well, making room for slave4. Like most hoodlums, he was, doubtlessly, a lost soul, at heart.He began asking preteen lolita cp child tiny young loli bbs questions about restraints and erotic pain. I demonstrated various implements on slave 3 and 2, and I could see this was having my desired effect on the punk's evident bulge. I wanted to taste him. xxx lolita girl sites I remarked about his perfect nipples. I adjusted my own cock in my jeans and saw him nod approvingly. ebony lolitas nude pics He continued asking specific questions about various devices and cute is great lolitas I soon had all three slaves showcasing the store's wares like full on dungeon slaves. top lolitas bbs links They were restrained, ball gagged, hooded, clamped and plugged...and thru it all, slaves 1 and 2 sported pulsing hardons, helplessly enjoying the attention. Slave3's chastity intrigued the punk greatly. My cock throbbed as I loli father daughter hentai teased him into the conversation. I spoke about the kinds of control and pain lolita russian model galleries that can be intensely pleasurable for russian lolita top list "men like us," I said, employing my amateur psychology to lure him in.THE TAKEDOWN:I held up a pair of nipple loli girls model pre clamps toward him and declared "in your aroused state, you will enjoy these.""Show me..." he began to say, as I stepped closer to him, but he continued "... on yourself"I paused, only briefly, then continued with preteen lolitas posing pictures the gesture of my hands bringing the clamps closer to his enticing nips. "These are for you, candid pantyhose lolitas pics my boi..." I said as firmly as I could."Show me... that you are russian lola nude model man enough to take what you inflict on your slaves," he challenged."of course, I could,... but.. I... ""Show lolitas links nude Me!" he asserted, "... or you'll never get a taste of this," he said as brought his hand to his pec and stroked his thumb across his nip. His nips made my mouth water, but it was all of him that I wanted and it was all of him that he meant by "a taste of this."Taste? Was he reading my mind? I had so wanted this punk. His raw nude pics lolita16 years beauty had seduced me. I had used my slaves to try to corral him into my trap. And now he was challenging my authority to my face, before my 3 bound slaves. Even the counter boy was looking on keenly."Just do it," he ordered. "Do to yourself what you so routinely do to your slaves. Show us if you are lolitas fuck sex preteen man enough to take a little pain yourself, underage lolita nympho girls and maybe even enjoy it," he said with his quite grin.My cock was dripping in my jeans, but my hands began to shake slightly. His voice has a harmonic vibration with my very core.Here I stood, 6'4", in full leather garb -taller still in my boots - I towered over this 5'2" shirtless skater punk in his baggy shorts, and yet I trembled before him. I looked down into his eyes, pleading, but he glared back up at me, piercing thru me with his laser vision.He saw my hands quiver and move slightly away from their real underage lolita bbs forward stance toward his nips. "That's it," he encouraged. I was retreating, and he knew he had me. Even I knew I no longer had hopes of clamping his nips, but as he pressed on, I began to realize he was, perhaps, going to have me clamping myself before him. "Show me..." he cooed.My trembling hands prelolita model top site held the clamps halfway between his nips and mine. " ... noooo..." I weakly mumbled in protest, my resistance weakening, danish lolita free photo his power growing."Do it," he ordered, adding, "If you are man enough to be what you require of your slaves." In my aroused and weakened state, I could not really process the logic he applied, but my hands were obeying his direction, as they slowly moved closer. I gurgled slightly as I tried to mouth russian lolitas young feel a failing resistance. In my mind, I realized the punk knew free lesbian lolita mpeg my nipples were my Achilles heel.The menacing metal teeth of the open tit clamps had been intended for the beautiful pecs of my hoped-for slave4. Instead, my mouth gapping in disbelief, the clamps were moving closer gay lolicon hentai pics to my nips, as the punk's strong will overpowers me and controls my hands. "That's it..." he purred, as he reached forward to part the pedo cute lolita kiddy flaps of my open leather vest, exposing my poised nips for his taking. My cock oozing precum, my mind entranced by his voice, my body held in his gaze, the open little angel lolita virgins pornstar com lolitas espanolas clamps came to rest against my pecs, my tender nips in their preteen portal lolita 2008 clutch. preteen lolita hidden pics "Good... now release the clamps onto those dark collect bbs lolitas nips and take the pain as you should," he flatly instructed.A stream of drool escaped my mouth, as my body shivered and my fingers released the springs. The clamps closed tight to my nips. My body convulsed in pain, my dick throbbed, and my arms fell weak by my side.Our eyes locked. His quite grin went broad as his laughter mocked me. "That's it... That's it..." He lolitas models panties beauty soothed me with his words. "Take the pain for me,... like a man,...if you can." He reached up to the nipple clamps and adjusted them tighter. I winced, but was held, trapped - suspended loli real pics nud by his fingertips.And then his hand was at my crotch, opening my fly, he reached in and took possession of nonnude girl lolita boy my balls and tugged lolita s slutty preteens the sac out into plain view. His thumb pressed my rock hard cock still inside, and he chuckled at its' confession. He flicked his fingers into my non nude japanese lolicon tender balls. Helplessly, I could only shutter in the sweet agony."Let's see..." he said as he surveyed some of the devices of testicle torture I had laid out, intended for my slaves. "This simple one will do... for now!" he laughed as he backhanded topless young lolitas pics my gonads. He made full use of my nutsac that he'd placed on display. He buckled a leather harness naked tiny teen lolitas around my ballsac and snapped the ball divider in place. I looked down model nude lolita boy in fear and awe. loli teen bbs sex I started to look back up at him, tarjetas cachondas lolitas incesto as I tried to muster the strength to declare "enough!" Instead, underground top loli sites I saw him swiftly reaching for two large lolita young russian bbs weights.My littel loli free gallery cry of "Nooooo...," was cut short as he hooked the weights to the ball harness and dropped them, taking my breath away. I dropped to my knees. The weights swung, inches above the floor. Still my arms hung useless at my side. The exquisite pain in my nipples held my mind tuned on a submissive lolitas kingdom top list wavelength. The pain in my balls radiated thru my midsection, and yet, my cock continued to throb and drip in pulses.I heard the first CLICKing of the handcuffs, binding my right wrist, before I was even aware what the punk was doing. By the time I realized it, and tried to draw my left wrist safely away, it was too late, and the second CLICKing echoed thru my mind, as my arms struggled uselessly behind my back. My three shackled slaves looked on in a twisted eroticized little teen lolita models horror.Less than a half hour ago, I had proudly paraded my small army of slaves into this store. In free pics lolita tits a matter of minutes, this punk had ls magazine crazy lolita fooled me into restraining my slaves before free litle loli xxx him, and in my lost hope of making him my slave4, he had made me his. With a cunning agility, in a nice and young lolitas moment's time, this 110 lb. punk had taken full possession of 725 lbs. of slave
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